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Sawadee means Welcome!


Schermafbeelding 2016-06-16 om 11.27.12You are very welcome to get acquainted with the many amazing treatments that Sawadee Massage & Spa has to offer.

You can join us for professional Physical therapy, Manual therapy, Massage therapy and professional Massages.

The beautiful space of Sawadee massage & Spa has now also extended its services to include Physical therapy for children. Sawadee has a widely recognised name in The Hague for the high quality services that we offer.

We like to take our time for every treatment. For example, when you book a 1 hour massage, we schedule 75 minutes, so you can take your time and have a cup of tea after the massage.

We treat people using a holistic approach: in this process we include – amongst other things -lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and psyche.

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